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Pre-university training courses "PRUNE"

Who are these courses for?
The pre-university training courses are for foreign students enrolled
at a French university or any other type of higher education
establishment, and particularly for students coming to
France as part of an inter-university integrated studies agreement
at Lyon 2 (European Erasmus or Lingua programmes,
agreements with American universities).

Aim of the courses
The aim is to help familiarise students with university exercises
and to consolidate their language and communication skills for
their studies in France. Level groups are created on the basis
of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

• September 2019 : from Monday 26th August to Friday 6th September 2019
• January 2020 : from Monday 6th January to Friday 17th january 2020

Welcome and placement test
• September 2019: Monday 26th august 2019 at 8.30 am
• January 2020: Monday 6th January 2020 at 8:30 am

How to enrol
September 2019 course: Students must send to the CIEF,
postmarked before the 31st of May 2019 :
- form available on the right side
- payment of the deposit (€ 90)
- 2 passport-sized photographs

January 2020 course: Students must be able to justify a minimum level of B1 (provide a certificate).
Pre-enrollment final date : 12th november 2019
Students must send to the CIEF before this date :
- form available on the right side of this page ("Livret PRUNe Janvier 2019")
- 2 passport sized photographs.


• Course levels B1 to C2
Course “Historic portrait of a city”

Duration of the course: 40 hours
This course is built around a theme strongly articulated on linguistic
content and cultural teaching. In partnership with other
departments from Lyon 2, it offers an interdisciplinary approach
to the subject and is organised around meetings with the key
players in Lyon’s cultural and heritage-based life.

Composition of the course:
The course proposes intensive teaching of the French language
around conferences and external visits:
• Written and spoken proficiency
• Specialised university techniques (note-taking, summaries,
• Conferences and visits
- A history of the city’s urban and architectural heritage
- the textile heritage and the Lyon workers
- the written and literary heritage
- the performing arts heritage
- the cinematographic heritage.

• Course levels B1 to C2
Course in “University Techniques”

Duration: 40 hours
This course proposes intensive teaching of the French language
built around three linguistic and methodological areas. It offers
a different approach to university exercises: dissertations, comments
of texts and reports, presentations and debates, summaries
and press reviews.
The CIEF reserves the right to orient certain students towards
the course in methodological initiation or discovery.

Composition of the course:
Depending on the linguistic level and specialisation of the students:
- written and oral proficiency
- specialist university techniques:
- option literature
- option humanities
- option society and pollitics
- introduction to the methodology of university writing (note-taking,
reports, debates)
- University conference on a political science subject
- Introduction to everyday university techniques
- option economics
- Visit of the city of Lyon.


Candidates must be able to justify (provide a certificate) of a
level of at least B1.

• Course levels B1 to C2
Duration of the course: 20 h

Composition of the course:
This course proposes intensive French language teaching and
university methodology.
• Language questions (grammar and vocabulary), à la carte
• Spoken language
• Specialised university techniques (arts, humanities, political
science): reading documents and the methodology of university
exercises (essays, reviews and oral reports)
• Academic presentation of a humanities subject.

Updated July 15, 2019

Online pre-enrolment
for the first semester 2019-20
available from 15th March 2019:

Deadline : 15th May 2019

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