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Presentation of the CIEF

The CIEF enjoys a quality teaching team made up wth more than 24 permanent teachers and 80 supply teachers.

The CIEF provides you a website with linguistical, communicative and intercultural objectives, specially for the foreign students of the University Lumière Lyon 2 :


The Rezo Lumière is the CIEF's digital social website which enables all the students to:
  - communicate with the other members, for instance to chat with the other students of the group or to send an email to their teachers to get some piece of advice,
  - train to write in French on their personal blog
  - share photos and videos of their discoveries, trips, and daily life,
  - keep up to date with the events organized by the animation service of the CIEF,
  - work in group for the language courses


Right to preinscription reject clause by the CIEF
If an application arrives past the deadline, or if the student cannot be accepted because there are no more places available, the file is incomplete or the admission conditions are not satisfied, the CIEF will return the application to the student.

Placement tests
Before starting a program, it is required to complete a writing and oral test on the exact date and time indicated by the CIEF.

Attendance is mandatory, as established in the CIEF rules. In case of unjustified absence, the CIEF reserves the right not to authorize a student to reregister for the following semester.

CIEF rules
You can see it on our website on the following link :
Continuous assessments
The continuous assessments dates are announced during the program. No modification in the date for personal convenience will be accepted.

The programs
The description of the courses can be handed over on resquest.

The certificates
Detailed certifications (academic results, work hours, nature of the course, CECR level reached) are handed over on request.

The diplomas
The university degrees are sent about three months later after the end of the exam sessions.

Updated October 11, 2017

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