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Presentation of the city of Lyon

Lyon metropole (Greater Lyon) has more than 1 350 000 inhabitants. Lyon is an industrial city, where mechanics, chemistry and construction take the center of the stage. The city is also the capital of the silk and synthetic textiles industries, and is renowned as a place of medical and academic excellence, without forgetting its gastronomy, the reputation of which is known worldwide.

Lyon, a city of inventions :
  • Cinema, thanks to the Lumière Brothers
  • The weaving Loom, thanks to Jacquard
  • Guignol, the original Punch Puppet character, created by Mouguet

Lyon, a city of museums :
  • The city was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999
  • The Renaissance Old Lyon District
  • The Confluence district
  • The museums : the Museums of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Gallo-Roman Museum, the Lumière Institute, the Resistance and Deportation History Center, the Confluences Museum
  • The Murals

Lyon is situated close to :

  • Italy and Switzerland
  • Paris (2 hours by highspeed train (TGV))
  • The Alps ski resorts
  • The Mediterranean (1h50 from Marseille and Montpellier, 1h15 from Avignon by TGV)
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Easy public transport :

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Updated October 18, 2017

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